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Termine für Dezember 06, 2018

in Veranstaltungen

----- Party: Weekend Warm Up
Von Fleddermaus

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Jede Woche im Flower Power: Weekend Warm Up mit Musik von Aerosmith bis ZZ Top!

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----- Party: Metal Kneipe Leipzig!
Von Polo

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Kühles Bier, stabile Rockmusik und absolute Heavy Metal Huldigung! An diesem Abend wird das Label beben!



Location! Black Label


Jeden Donnerstag
Metal, Kicker, Dart, Specials, Live, DJs, Getränkespecials, Gemütliche Hütte, Videos, Spiele, Eintritt frei!
Betreutes Trinken!
Der wöchentliche Kneipenabend für Metaller in Leipzig.
Die Metal Kneipe freuet sich drauf und hofft auf reichlich alte Stammtisch- und neue interessierte Leute!


Black Label
Wolfgang-Heinze-Straße 38
04277 Leipzig

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----- Konzert: Molly Nilsson
Von Lily Munster

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UT Connewitz, elenden, Dark Skies Association & Shameless/Limitless present:


Molly Nilsson "Twenty Twenty"-LP [Dark Skies Association/ Night School] release show.


"After a cancelled flight I found myself stranded at the Tokyo airport overnight. Between my interrupted bench naps the surroundings found their way into my dreams, particularly the big banners in the departure hall stating: 2020. Not aware that they were announcing upcoming Olympic games, my imagination wandered. 2020, a leap year. The year of the rat, the election. Perfect vision. The year of hindsight. The repetition, the ritual of the superstitious. A spell cast on the approaching future;; not yet there, but close enough to be seen with full clarity. The year itself seems to draw a circle around its followers, as to protect anyone who dares enter. And it all begins on a late-­Capitalist night…"


Twenty-­Twenty is Molly Nilsson’s 8th album;; the latest opus of an artist in a constant state of development and strength.
Twenty-­Twenty is about emerging from the husk of your old self, about binning the chrysalis and daring to stand up both to power, and also to your own limits. In 2018, we see the climate changing, democracy crumbling, inequality and injustice erupting. 2020 examines the near future, seeking out clarity, reflection, renewal and opportunity. It contains anthems so tall as to induce vertigo, leaving the taste of Euro Dance in your mouth, albeit without a four on the floor beat. Here, the pop auteur is haunted by the late Prince, channelling Courtney Love and Lou Reed, anger and love.


For further Molly Nillson information, please visit


Shameless/Limitless lives online at
https://www.instagra...elesslimitless/ and

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Dezember 2018